Cori Lynn is a novelist and screenwriter based in Phoenix Arizona. Recently, she finished her novel, Hearts Under Fire and plans to publish it in early 2022. Subsequently, the novel averaged over 156 readers, ranking #1 Wartime Story on Wattpad. Consequently, she began working on the screenplay for Hearts Under Fire hoping to bring the story to film.

In addition to being a novelist, Cori has written multiple screenplays including two feature-length films, “Convenience” and “Life In Transit”. As it turns out, both films were seen in theaters across the Phoenix area. 

During this time, she was the screenwriter for many short films produced by VerticalBlu Film Company. As a result, she won “Audience Choice Award” for “The Treehouse” as well as “Best Story Award” for “Masterpiece” at The Phoenix Film Festival.

Graduating with a Global Business degree from Arizona State University, she works full-time as a Marketing Director. However, she spends her free time playing with her puppy and redecorating her home.

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